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memoQ Zen brings you the joy of translation, without the hassle.
Experience the benefits of an advanced CAT tool, delivered to your browser in a simple and clean interface.

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memoQ Zen is about reducing the clutter, until only translation itself remains.

Simply drag-and-drop a file to start translating, or pick a document from Google Docs.

Each job is a card, where you can open the web-based editor, view a fuzzy analysis, or fetch the finished translation.

Your confidentiality is our concern

Translation is a bit like reading someone else’s diary: it’s based on trust. We understand and respect this. Your data is your data, and it will stay that way.

All your documents, translations and terminology is private. None of it is shared with other users, and we don’t use it ourselves.

Your Google account is only to log in. Your files or translations are not shared with Google.

Why beta? Can I trust it?

We created memoQ Zen to prove that an advanced CAT tool doesn’t need to be complicated. It is built on the same memoQ technology that is used by hundreds of companies and thousands of translators every day.

We are releasing it as a limited beta because we want to listen to you from day one. As a gesture, it will also stay free as long as the beta phase lasts.

By joining now, you can have your say and help us build a tool that puts people first - that is, you.